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    <h2>High-technology devices for glass cockpit dashboards.</h2> <p><strong>One multifunction digital display monitors your engine,tanks, batteries and more!</strong></p> <p>The VMH displays line is the premium class of dashboard instruments designed to perfectly fit into the most modern cockpit concepts. The elegant look of their optically bonded black glass display makes them the perfect match with your stylish dash. The powerful, sunreadable TFT displays offer the maximum viewing angle. Powered by the latest technology microprocessors, the VMH displays have no fear of managing the most demanding applications</p>
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Welcome to the instrument range of Veratron Marine Shop. We are an authorized distributor of Veratron VDO Marine products. Veratron is the world leader in instruments for ships, pleasure craft and special instruments for navigation and engine control. These web pages contain extensive information of the Veratron VDO WWG AcquaLink, OceanLink, ViewLine and VMH instruments, suitable for conventional sensors as well as CANBus, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000. The range includes instruments with 52, 85, 100 and 110mm panel mounting diameter for temperature, rpm, depth, speed, fuel level, pressure, speed, operating hours, voltage, etc. When choosing a temperature gauge ensure that the sensor value is equal to the input value of the gauge. For pressure gauges, the range of the sensor should be equal to that of the gauge. The OceanLink I and OceanLine series instruments are still in limited


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